Fall Decor & DIY Trends You Have to Try this Season at Foothill Place


Foothill place apartments are committed to offering upscale rentals to let you dream bigger. Best known for its urban vibe and convenience, the rentals allow residents to decorate their homes tastefully for the fall season. But what fall apartment décor and DYI trends serve as an inspiration?

Fall décor to match your taste this season

Fall offers a chance to decorate and make your home cozier and a welcoming place. For a cozy season can range from trendy to traditional and should always match your mood, lifestyle, and environment.

Keep your apartment living this fall by hanging a simple DYI wreath, decorating the entryway using pumpkin, or padding your pillow, couch, or blanket with autumnal shades. Cool evenings? Decorate your cozy spaces in your apartment with a seasonal garland, and you are in for a moodier vibe.

For a vibrant look, create a tabletop topiary. This is easy to set and offers a fragrant display you fancy. Make sure to incorporate beautiful artichokes and white pumpkins for a complete fall experience.

Making your home fall ready

Making your home fall ready is about making your own serving pieces. Incorporated with pale gray and green pumpkins, this decorating idea will add a fascinating height to your home. When having visitors, welcome them with a formal table. That is, create a unique look through simple stemware. Incorporate more vintage silver for an extra burst of appeal.

Even a simple inspired wall hook can work pretty fine. In fact, these ones are cute, and preparing them is indeed simple.

Fall fun at Foothill Place Apartment Living

Ready to take advantage of fall temperatures? Foothill Place apartments offer an exciting opportunity to embrace the season in style and bring you in a fall mood.

Completing Your Summer Bucket List at Foothill Place


While swimming at the Foot Hill Apartments‘ resort-style pool may sound like the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon, you can’t do it all summer long. You need to take part in other exciting summer activities! Update your bucket list and decide where to go on vacation for summer.

What to Add to Your Summer Bucket List- Vacay Mode

The perfect summer fun list for one person may be another person’s no-no list. You should come up with a list that suits you as a person and anyone you will be traveling with. Think of the things that make you happy and let them top your list. Remember a vacation in summer is supposed to be all about relaxation and having fun. Create a bucket list that suits you.

There are many things you can add to your bucket list. From visiting new places to trying new things, you can have a lot of summer fun exploring. There are even things you can try in your house. For instance, spending more time doing something you love is a great bucket list item. Think of that musical instrument you always wanted to play or that garden you never seem ready to start.

Summer is a great time to take vacations; this is why most people have places they would like to visit on their bucket lists. It could be a nearby park like Sugarhouse Park or a trip abroad. No matter where it is, create an engaging itinerary before leaving home. Also, have a list to crosscheck when packing for summer vacations.

Bucket Lists Items for Your Apartment Living Lifestyle

Apartment living does not have to make your summer any less enjoyable. You can have summer fun in and outside your apartment. You may decide to go out for hikes, drives, or rides, but also set some time aside for indoor fun. What are some summer bucket list ideas suitable for apartment living?

• Redecorate your house with summer colors.
• Plan a movie marathon.
• Read a favorite book.
• Make popsicles or ice cream at home.

No matter what you choose to do this summer, enjoy yourself. Create a bucket list that appeals to you, and try to check all the boxes by the end of summer. All the best!

Hosting Your Friends this Summer and During a Heatwave


We all love the Summertime; however, major heat waves come with the sun. However, you and your friends can still hang out this summer in Salt Lake City, UT. If the outdoors are too extreme, you can take the party indoors to your Foothill Place Apartment.

How to Make the Most Indoors this Summer

The best way to avoid the summer heat is to stay indoors with your air conditioner turned down low. However, you and your friends can have fun outdoors or indoors the choice is yours. While indoors you and your friends can choose to entertain yourselves with many different options for indoor entertainment such as some indoor games like for example:-

  • card games chess
  • I Spy hangman
  • truth or dare

Hosting Friends and Family During the Heat Wave

Heat waves make it very uncomfortable and challenging to host a couple of friends and family, but you do not have to completely forget about the idea. It is completely attainable! The primary and only tip to remember is to keep cool. This means ensuring you maintain a cool temperature indoors, eat cool foods, and drink a lot of water. Here are some fun summer recipes you and your friends can try and keep cool such as summer ice lollies, a refreshing fruit salad, frozen food, a roasted chicken and pepper salad, and lemonade. As for the outdoor options, you and your friends could visit Liberty Park for family fun and self-pampering time.

Summer Fun in the Sun

Make the absolute most out of apartment living this summer. With all these renter-friendly hacks and apartment-friendly tips, you and your friends can have fun the legal way. So, don’t let this summer slip you by, have fun, indoors or out!

Vibrant Summer Colors to Add into Your Foothill Place Apartment


Apartment living residents at Foothill Place Apartments, Salt Lake City, UT, is in a prime location for summer fun. Whether chilling at one of the two resort-style swimming pools or getting that body summer-ready in the fitness center, residents can be assured that they can return to their apartments to kick back and relax when the heat gets too much. Your living space needs to be comfortable every season, so adding vibrant decorations and summer colors will make apartment living feel more relaxed and restful.

Making Your Home Summer Ready

Making your home summer-ready is about swapping out darker colors for brighter and heavier fabrics and furnishings for lighter ones. If you want to regulate the heat in your home this summer, you should invest in changing your blinds to Venetian blinds. You can angle the slats to block out hot sunlight while keeping the natural summer light in your home.

Another apartment-friendly tip for the summer is to change heavier and darker colored soft furnishings, swapping them for light and bright throws, cushions, and bed linen. Vibrant decorations like lampshades, mirrors, or furniture will bring the joy of summer inside.

If you cannot paint the walls, paint your furniture in daring colors like canary yellow or lime green. Experimenting with color is fun, and what better season to do it in than summer.

Hues To Match Every Mood This Season

Keep your cool this summer by using blue as your base color in your living spaces. Kitchens and bathrooms work best in this color. You can choose lighter blues or a navy for the areas you like to relax in. Other uplifting colors for the summer are oranges and yellows, with pinks and floral designs.

Summer Fun at Foothill Place Apartments, Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is a prime location for summer fun! Foothill Place Apartments in Salt Lake City, UT, is near ski resorts, the neighborhood of Sugarhouse, and Salt Lake City Country Club.

Five Easy Recipes for a Delicious Picnic this Spring Season


Welcome to Foothill Place Apartments in Salt Lake City. You’ve arrived at the only location to take up residence if you’re searching for the best apartments Salt Lake City offers! Stainless steel appliances, private patios or balconies, two resort-style pools, a dog park, and a 24-hour fitness facility are some of the available high-end features. Foothill Place Apartments has your new luxurious apartment waiting for you.

Easy Recipes to Try in Your Kitchen

The following are some of the finest springtime meals to prepare in the kitchen and enjoy at your picnic.

1. Milk Chocolate Kale Chips.

Ingredients: One bag of Kale chips and three large Milky Way chocolate bars.

1a. Preparation:

  1. Break the Milky Way chocolate bars into small pieces.
  2. Melt the broken chocolate in a large bowl by heating it for 20 seconds in the microwave.
  3. Stir the melted chocolate with a spoon.
  4. Cover all the Kale chips with chocolate.

2. Focaccia Boiled Egg.

Ingredients: Five eggs, one large Focaccia.

2a. Preparation:

  1. Boil the eggs for 15 minutes in water. Then make them sit for 10 minutes, then remove them from the water.
  2. Remove the eggshells and mash the whole eggs with a spoon into powder.
  3. Slice the Focaccia into small portions.
  4. Slice each portion of Focaccia in half and insert the powdered eggs.

3. Pasta and Sardines with Tomato Paste.

Ingredients: One Pack of pasta, one large tin of Sardines, and one can of tomato paste.

3a. Preparation:

  1. Boil the pasta for 15 minutes in a large pot of water or until the pasta is soft.
  2. Open the tin of Sardines, pour all the contents into a bowl, cover it with a plate, and heat it in the microwave for four minutes.
  3. Mix the pasta and Sardines with five tablespoons of tomato to taste in a large bowl, then pour all the contents into a container.

4. Spicy Corned Beef Sandwiches.

Ingredients: One tin of corned beef, fourteen slices of bread, one small onion, one small tomato, one large scotch bonnet pepper, and vegetable oil.

4a. Preparation:

  1. Open the tin of corned beef and mash it with a fork so that it crumbles.
  2. Mince up the onion, pepper, and tomato into tiny pieces.
  3. Mix the mashed corned beef with the minced onion, pepper, and tomato. Then fry the mixture in vegetable oil until soft and aromatic.
  4. Toast the bread in the toaster until light brown.
  5. Make seven sandwiches from the bread and mashed corned beef with the onion and tomato.

5. Avocado Pasta.

Ingredients: One large avocado, one Pack of pasta, and hot pepper sauce.

5a. Preparation:

  1. Slice the avocado into four portions and remove the seed.
  2. Use a spoon to scoop the flesh of the avocado into a bowl.
  3. Mash the avocado into a paste.
  4. Boil the pasta for 15 minutes in a large pot of water or until the pasta, is soft and can be cut with a fork.
  5. Mix the avocado with the pasta in a bowl and add hot pepper to taste.

Enjoy the Weather Outdoors.

The Country Club in Salt Lake City is Utah’s oldest club, with the most prestigious status. The course is always in excellent condition, and the bunkering is outstanding. Picnic and relaxation spots abound in the green environment. There are numerous picnic and relaxing sites in the vegetation to select from.

Enjoy Your Easy Recipes and Picnic Ideas.

Foothill Place at Salt Lake City is warm and inviting, with many amenities to enjoy, including all the kitchen appliance must-haves. You will love to make the easy recipes outlined that includes a delightful array of food from Kale chips, eggs, pasta, Sardines, Focaccia, and avocado. Prepare these spring season recipes easily in your apartment kitchen. After which, you can enjoy golfing and picnicking at the Country Club in Salt Lake City, Utah’s oldest club.

The Top Three Activities You Can Do in Your Foothill Place Apartments


Residents at Foothill Place Apartments in Salt Lake City, Utah, are enjoying warmer temperatures and breathing in the season’s fresh air. Creativity and springtime go hand-in-hand. Keep reading to get tips for new indoor hobbies. And learn how to create space in your home to make the most of apartment living.

Three Hobbies to Pick Up This Month

You don’t have to worry about the rising gas prices and going to the gym to get fit this spring. Taking on physical fitness as a hobby is as easy as downloading an app on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Dancing and fitness are similar activities that make it easy to transition from one activity to another. Get healthier and have fun moving and grooving to your favorite dance apps.

If you’re looking for a more relaxing activity, try writing. Writing is a relaxing activity that can help you express your thoughts and get your ideas about life on paper.

Tips for Dedicating Space in Your Home

Once you’ve decided on which new hobby you’d like to try, the next step is creating space in your apartment. Start by estimating how much space you think you’ll need to work comfortably on your new craft. Physical activities like fitness or dancing will require more space than writing or journaling.

After you’ve estimated how much space you’ll need, designate an area for your new hobby. You can section off your new area to make it more private by hanging curtains from the ceiling or using a room divider.

Fun Springtime Activities in Salt Lake City, Utah

Ready to venture out or take advantage of warmer temperatures? One perk our location holds is that we are a few minutes away from popular local attractions. Celebrate the official arrival of spring by visiting local Salt Lake City area attractions like Tracy Aviary and Botanical Gardens.

Get Ready for Spring Cleaning in Your Foothill Place Apartments


If you’re searching for a posh and stylish apartment with all amenities and services in handy, you might consider Foothill Place at Salt Lake City. Our community offers sophistication and relaxation; state-of-the-art features and amenities are at your disposal in Salt Lake City. Discover incredible interior trimmings such as stainless steel appliances, large closets, and a dishwasher to free up time for Spring cleaning.

How to Declutter and Get Ready For Spring

The apartments have the equipment to help you plan for spring cleaning. For instance, there is a dishwasher dedicated to easing your cleaning process. If you own a pet, there is also a dog washing station. Having the washing station separate from other areas declutters your apartment, making it look tidy.

Each floor layout at Foothill Place Apartments caters to different residents’ lifestyles. This layout of the floors makes the organization of the apartments easy. What sets Foothill apartment aside from the rest is emergency maintenance. You can get professional help when you hit a snag during the decluttering and organizing process.

Tips and Hacks for Organizing Your Home

Other features in the apartment make organizing easy. Some private patios and balconies can serve as extra storage for your items besides providing a beautiful view. Also, to help the decluttering of the house are the private storage closets that make the organizing work easier. Furthermore, there are walk-in closets at the apartments. Apart from providing more space for organizing your items and having all your clothes in one place, they can also work as extra storage.

Enjoy Your Refreshed Home

Once your home is clean and organized, you can sit back and enjoy the space. You may find new things that you want to add to your Foothill Place home. Don’t overdo the additions because you don’t want it to be too cluttered.

3 Activities Perfect for Couples at Foothill Place Apartments


Valentine’s day is the most romantic day of the year for couples. It’s also one of the busiest days for a night out on the town. You may prefer to stay in your cozy Foothill Place apartment. There are Valentine’s Day activities you can do that are suitable for couples.

Fun Things to Do at Home to Celebrate the Month

One thing you can do is have a couple’s board game night. Board games can test your limits as a couple. There’s one game called, Fog of Love that is perfect for two players. It shows couples the meaning of relationships and how they form. It also shows how they end. Some may end happily, but some may not.

Activities Near You

You cannot match many of the Salt Lake City activities near you. If you want to go out and avoid the crowds as much as possible, take a sunset boat tour. There’s a boat tour on the Colorado River, and it is beautiful. Share a kiss between watching the sky change colors. You can choose to stay on the boat for dinner, but you don’t have to. It lasts between one and two hours, and it is an unforgettable experience you can share with your loved one.

Valentines Day Activities Include Entertainment for Two

Alongside a couple’s board game night and a beautiful sunset cruise, another activity you can do in your apartment is dancing. With the help of your significant other, push your furniture aside and put on some soft music. It’s okay if the two of you don’t know how to dance or step on each other’s toes. All that matters is that you’re having fun and laughing at yourselves. Take this time to have a conversation with one another and reminisce about when you first met. What could be better than that?

How to Create Smooth Feng Shui in Your Foothill Place Apartment For the New Year


As work-from-home jobs have become increasingly available, many of us find ourselves in our apartments for a large part of the day. That means it’s important to set up your space in a way that keeps you healthy and active. If you live in a Foothill Place apartment, practicing good Feng Shui might help you get through your day a little easier.

Decorations That Transition out of 2021 and Into 2022

One of the major principles of Feng Shui is balance. This concept can be applied to maximize your personal Qi by taking advantage of any natural light that may come through your windows. This natural light produces the yang energy that wakes us in the morning. You can help balance this out with dark curtains, so you can block out the light at night and let darkness, or yin energy, fill the room. This yin energy promotes restful sleep and aids in other January 2022 decor, such as a dark-colored comforter.

Brightening Up Your Apartment for The New Year

You should maximize your yang energy for living spaces like the kitchen or living room. This means decorating with lighter colors, like bright white, or placing scented candles around your apartment furniture to help bring in fire energy. Fire energy brings clarity and inspiration to a weary mind, so bring colors like red or orange into any room where you need a creativity boost.

Feng Shui and Your New Year’s Resolutions

While achieving your New Year’s resolutions can be tough, it can be made a little easier by bringing positive energy into your life. One way to do this is by following the local Parley’s Trail to absorb natural Qi from the local plant life. Make sure to keep your home decluttered as well, so the Qi can follow you through the door with little to no obstructions.

Decorate Your Foothill Apartment for A Festive Holiday Season


Drinking eggnog by the decorated Christmas is not the only way to celebrate the holidays at Foot Hill Place Apartments. Celebrate this year’s festive celebration by bringing trending Christmas items to your apartment. Check out the DIY projects below that allow you to turn your residence into a holiday fiesta!

Decorations That Transition From Christmas & Into the New Year

Decorative plants are excellent holiday decorations that can be used for Christmas decor and left up for the New Year. The use of red poinsettias is timeless, and you can use this popular festive plant to add color to your living room space or dining room table set up. Also, they require little to no decor. Simply place them inside a homemade or shop-bought vase.

When keeping your festive decoration through the new year, another fantastic traditional idea is window lights. Hang them in your living room, bedroom, or any room that you feel needs some holiday cheer.

A Checklist for Creating a Winter Wonderland In Your Apartment

Listed below are some other decoration ideas for your apartment that will turn it into a Winter Wonderland.

1. Instead of using poinsettias, find a different small plant such as a fern and decorate it with Christmas ornaments and candy canes.

2. To use candles that you may already have, make a candleholder. Use garland and pine cones to create a beautiful arrangement.

3. Use last year’s Christmas cards as decor! Use any space in your apartment to display your loved one’s words of love and Christmas Joy.

Timeless Holiday Decorations

Whether you decide to use window lights, plants, or last year’s Christmas cards as decor, all are decorations that will never get old. You may even choose to use all of them. So feel free to use the DIY projects listed to prepare your apartment for both Christmas and New Year’s Eve.