Getting Ready For Summertime at Foothill Place Apartments

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If you have been looking for a perfect home to settle in Salt Lake City, Foothill Place Apartments is your choice living space. It has spacious units, quality amenities, and appliances to ensure that you live in luxury and comfort. Learn how you can make the best of the summertime from one of the units.

Amenities That Help You Make the Most of the Season

Some of the shared amenities at the apartments include a rock climbing boulder where you can take part in rowing or TRX with friends. You can also cool down in any of the two resort-style pools or walk your pet in the dog park. Besides, each unit has central air conditioning to cool you, a private balcony where you can enjoy the sunshine, and high ceiling interiors for better air circulation.

Ways to Stay Cool inside Your Apartment.

Here are  easy ways to keep cool during the summer season.

• Use blinds to block the sun from your living room. This prevents raising temperatures in interior space.
• Put your bedsheets in a freezer a few hours before going to bed to cool down.
• Use a fan to circulate some cool air produced by the air conditioner. You can even buy a portable one to use in each room in your home.
• Open the windows at night to bring in cool air.

Must-See Things in Salt Lake City

When preparing for summer, consider the following areas in Salt Lake City.

• Visit the Great Salt Lake. See the marvelous solidification of minerals and the natural features of the lake.
• Visit Liberty Park for a fresh outdoor experience. In addition to animals, there are bike paths, playgrounds, picnic areas, and ball courts.
• Learn some history and religion by visiting the Salt Lake Temple

If looking for a safe, luxurious, and spacious living unit in Salt Lake City, visit Foothill Place Apartments. Use all the other tips for a comfortable stay during the summer season.

Pets & Feng Shui at Foothill Place Apartments

Everyone needs relaxation and peace in your life at some point! When you are at home you know you want it to be a place of peace and somewhere you can enjoy the space at the same time! This month we will focus on how you can obtain that peace in your home and relax with ease! Peace and relaxation are essential and we want you to always have that in your Foothill Place Apartment home!

How to Rearrange Your Furniture for a Better Flow of Energy (Feng Shui)

Your home is your place of peace, and you can achieve Feng Shui in every room of your home! One place many people love to apply Feng Shui in their home is the living room, and that’s the room we’ll focus on and give easy tips to achieve this in your own home!

  • Air the area out
  • Clear the space
  • Declutter your stuff
  • Use a Bagua energy map
  • Have a balance of the five Feng Shui elements
  • Choose a meaningful color
  • Make sure every item has space
  • Bring in plants and art

Another good way to achieve Feng Shui in your home would be to bring in a company to help you. Elements of Harmony Feng Shui is one of the best companies you can find in Salt Lake City that you can contact!

Pets for Mental Health

In Feng Shui, pets symbolize good energy which is always great! Cats are considered to be good for financial luck but more importantly dogs help to boost and infuse energy in your home. Pets are a great way to boost your home; they are great for all ages and can bring wonderful light, energy, and Feng Shui that will be helpful for years to come!

Apartment Features/Amenities That Help Create a Zen Home

Our property has 2 resort-style pools and our apartments have new/renovated interiors that are ready to be decorated in the way you want to achieve the proper peace and tranquility you’re looking for!

You can have peace in your daily life in your home and it is a great feeling to be able to achieve that!

From Spring Cleaning to Green Cleaning at Foothill Place Apartments

scene depicting a clean kitchen cabinet, spray bottle, and fresh fruit

The weather is starting to warm up, the days are getting sunnier and the birds are singing! It’s finally spring … cleaning time!

While it may not be the activity you look forward to the most, taking a more eco-friendly approach and green cleaning your home might add to the positive effects cleaning may already have on your mental health.

The Mental Health Benefits of a Clean Home

Research shows that people who live in messy homes are more stressed than people who don’t. Clutter may also cause depression, confusion and tension. Fortunately, the opposite is also true. Cleaning your home causes feelings of empowerment and control, as well as an elevated mood, less anxiety and better concentration.

Those are pretty good reasons to change the way you think about spring cleaning your Foothill Place apartment. You may still prefer to go to Utah’s Hogle Zoo if given the choice but it’s good to know that cleaning is something that can turn your mood around.

Ways To Go Green With Your Cleaning Process

What can make you feel even better is taking care of the environment, which you can do by using cleaners with natural ingredients like lemon, vinegar, and baking soda, instead of the toxic chemicals that are common in most cleaning products.

There are some eco-friendly cleaners in-store you can get your hands on too if that’s what you prefer.

Local Stores for Cleaning Material

If you want to pick up some eco-friendly household cleaner to make your surfaces — and your smile — shine, you can get it at any of your local Home Depots.

The way you maintain the space you live in may have a significant effect on your happiness so try to keep your space uncluttered and take care of your mental health.

Tips and Tricks to Stay Warm and Cozy in Your Foothill Place Apartments

Winter months here in Salt Lake City can be brutal. If you’re not fully prepared it can really hit hard and take a toll on you. One should be adequately ready for this time of year in every way possible. When winter comes it comes in with a lot of snow, freezing temperatures, and extreme wind that you can’t explain. Here at Foothill Place Apartments we always want you to be prepared… no one likes to get caught off guard with anything, weather is no different.

Winter Weather in Your City

Living here one thing you should know is that it snows! During the snow season, we will experience 62.7 inches of snow on average. Temperatures during this time will range from 27⁰-40⁰. There are moments also where it will rain; when you couple this with low temperatures and some wind it makes it extremely cold and it may seem unbearable. It is important that you ensure you’re staying warm always.

Ways to Stay Warm

There are so many different ways you can make sure you’re doing a wonderful job at staying warm. Here are some great tips that you can use to help yourself stay warm.

  • Keep Your Feet Warm: An essential part of staying warm is to make sure your feet are warm. It helps to keep the rest of your body temperature warm. Keeping fuzzy, warm socks or slippers on helps.
  • Go to a Hot Springs: It may be cold out, but you can enjoy going to a natural hot spring like Crystal Hot Springs. It’s an opportunity to get out, enjoy the fresh air and stay warm.
  • Electric Blanket: A nice electric throw blanket or an amazing electric blanket on your bed will bring in extra heat that you can easily control.

Apartment Features for Comfort

Your apartment is equipped with energy-efficient thermostats, select units have a fireplaces and windows that help keep the cold air out.

You always want to be prepared for winter; we do what we can to help you to be!

wooden blocks spelling out plan

Steps You Can Take to Guarantee a Great Year

The new year is the best time to begin making changes. By focusing on your personal life as well as homelife and choosing popular home decor trends, you will take your life in a positive direction.

Personal Goals to Set for the Year

Books are a wonderful way to cope and escape life’s stresses. You can set reading goals, whether it’s a book per month or more. The King’s English Bookshop is a local independent bookstore that has a huge selection of books.


Learning to cook is another great goal. Virtual cooking classes are trending. You can also have meal kits delivered. By having an array of cooking techniques and recipes to choose from, you can skip eating out and cook foods that can help you lose weight and feel better.

Apartment Goals

Set aside a room in your home where you can rest and relax. Furnish it with anything that will convey a feeling of peace. In addition, installing a home security system at Foothill Place Apartments will make your home feel like a safe space. Finally, you can buy multifunctional furniture, such as a long dining table that can be used as a workstation. Or, convert wall art into a table.

2021 Apartment Decor Trends

Decorative canvas art prints to hang up on your wall are in style. Popular images include flowers and animals, including birds. Copper and steel are home decor 2021 trends. Brass is another one, especially brass light fixtures, such as floor lamps. Tempered glass tabletops, designer table lamps in glass, and light fixtures with geometric shapes are some more trendy items.

Leave the past behind and embrace change! Take meaningful actions in order to see positive results in yourself and your home.

Salt Lake City, UT Holiday Guide

Salt Lake City, UT offers a lot of holiday celebrations and is a great city to enjoy the festive season, whether it’s Christmas or New Year’s. You’ll find lots of activities to enjoy in and around your home!

Happy Holiday in Salt Lake City, UT!

Enjoying your home for the holidays is one of the most relaxing and satisfying ways to enjoy the season. Whether you decide to relax and keep it simple this year or explore the local festivities around the area, Salt Lake City is a great place to be for the holidays.

How to Decorate Your Apartment for the Holidays

Are you looking for ideas to bring a festive spirit to your home? You may want to keep up with the tradition of the same decorations each year, or spruce up your space with some new colors, accents, and creative pieces this year! If you’re in the mood for getting crafty, you can try making new ornaments or a wreath for the front door.

How to Get into the Holiday Spirit

Does the scent of spiced eggnog or hot chocolate make you think of the holidays? Do you enjoy singing festive songs and getting involved with the community to enjoy the giving spirit of the season? There are many ways to enjoy this time of year and get into the festive spirit in and around your neighborhood. You’ll find all the resources you need within a short distance of home!

Holiday Events Near Your Apartment

A quick trip within your area will give you access to many festive events and outdoor displays this year. From tree lighting to holiday markets and live music, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

You’ll find everything you need in Salt Lake City from great food and entertainment to excellent scenery and neighborhoods. Foothill Place Apartments is the ideal place to call home and enjoy all the amenities and luxury you deserve in the heart of the city!

Thanksgiving at Foothill Place Apartments

Thanksgiving in Salt Lake City, UT is a great place to spend the holiday and to be thankful for good company, food, and relaxation. Whether you decide to relax at home for the Thanksgiving weekend, or enjoy a walk or drive locally around the area, there are many options to make the most out of the occasion. Salt Lake City offers a large variety of outdoor activities at local city parks during autumn with all the safety measures and social distancing to keep you and your family safe.

Cooking Ideas and Recipes for Thanksgiving

Looking to impress your family this Thanksgiving with a homemade pie, cake or a full-course meal? Try some delicious recipes online and surprise them with an unexpected meal they won’t forget! Celebrate Thanksgiving with a familiar favorite or a new twist on a traditional meal.

The Importance of Safety in the Kitchen

During these unprecedented times, it’s more important than ever to stay safe and keep your home, including your kitchen, in good condition. Always remember to disinfect all surfaces, equipment, and utensils, and store food properly at all times. Taking these measures to protect you and your family in the kitchen is a good practice for the holidays and in general.

Online Black Friday Shopping and Supporting Local Business

Black Friday shopping has never been easier with the options of online shopping, delivery, and curbside pickup. Check out Patagonia Outlet store for quality men’s and women’s apparel and accessories to get ready for the season, and enjoy an online yoga class after the holiday weekend. Discover unique, local boutiques in town for all your gift-giving and shopping needs.

Foothill Place Apartments is the ideal place for you and your household to enjoy a quality Thanksgiving with all the comforts of home and close access to many local amenities and shops. Whether you spend your weekend outdoors or to keep it indoors for a cozy, intimate occasion, Foothill Place Apartments is the place to be!

Celebrating Halloween at Foothill Place Apartments

Whether you are celebrating Halloween with your family or hosting a party indoors, rigorous home preparation is crucial. You need to create scary settings from petrifying Halloween costumes to appealing but spooky apartment decorations. Several Halloween ideas can make your festival unique and exciting while at home. Therefore, it is essential to decorate and prepare your apartment to bring ghostly spirits into your house.

How to Decorate Your Apartment

Besides carving pumpkins and placing them on your doorstep, decorate the entire home with the same carvings. Make the witching hour exciting by first introducing colorful appearances on walls. Incorporate dim lighting while introducing playful and scary features such as dolls. Dress-up in unique Halloween costumes while getting creepy toys for your kids.

Install speakers in various locations to play monster songs to enlighten the room with spooky sounds. The decoration is complete with either watching the scariest movies or reading a Halloween storybook. Trick-or-treating scavenger hunts are also convenient when looking to make things even eerier.

How to Celebrate at Home

Celebrating Halloween in Salt Lake is never better than enjoying the festival in your apartment with your family. Dress up in Halloween costumes while engaging in spooky Halloween activities. Read scary stories, watch the creepiest movies, and try to contact ghosts. If you prefer gaming, play the weirdest games that lead to goosebumps.

Halloween Hotspots near You

Spending your Halloween in Salt Lake accompanies various activities for adults and kid-appropriate fun. Some of the top Halloween hotspots include Fear Factory, Nightmare on 13th, The Haunted Forest, Frightmares at Lagoon, and Salt Lake Ghost Tours. Several places are suitable to enjoy your outdoor happy hour beside several Halloween festivals organized each year.

Halloween offers fun though creepy events both indoors and outdoors. You can celebrate in your apartment with various features to make it spooky. Apply the decoration tips to décor and celebrate your Halloween indoors. Besides, you get to know multiple hotspots to explore creepy outdoor events.

Stay Healthy and Fit in Your Salt Lake City Apartments

Sadly, one of the drawbacks of this whole quarantine is that it has made us let go of our usual routines, which may have usually consisted of more activity. Now that you may be more bound to your Salt Lake City apartments, you may find yourself eating mindless, gaining weight, or getting anxious or depressed. If you feel this way, you are definitely not alone- the quarantine has done a number for a large percentage of people’s health, both physical and mental.

Here are some tips on how to stay healthy at your Salt Lake City apartments:

  1.       This may just seem like a little change, but altering your diet so that you eat more greens is a good idea. Now is not the time to indulge in high calorie, processed food, especially if you aren’t working out as much. If you need more inspiration on how to make use of this healthy food, this website here is a good resource on delicious recipes you can use for you or your family. This will help keep you in shape as the quarantine goes on.
  2.       Use at-home work-outs to get in shape. Sure, you may be used to going to a gym, or even using the gym in your Salt Lake City apartments, but it’s a lot safer to just do workouts from home. If you need inspiration, check out this site. There are also a variety of apps you can use to get information from in order to bulk up your exercise routine. This is a terrific way to maintain physical excellence during the quarantine.
  3.       Ultimately, don’t let your mental health go unchecked. Because of the very nature of uncertainty of this time, a lot of people are feeling more stressed, anxious, and depressed. Understand that change in general is natural, and that this tremendous change has undoubtedly made a mark on humanity. However, focus on the things you can control and the things you still can do instead of what you can. Look on the bright side. It’s all we can all really do right now.

We hope that these tips were just what you needed to stay healthy in your Salt Lake City apartments. If you have more suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Get Ready for School in Your Salt Lake City Apartments

School is starting again towards the end of this summer, and it’s time for you to be as prepared as possible in your Salt Lake City apartments. Whether it’s you going back to school or it’s your child(ren), there are a few things you should consider before the new school year. Regardless of whether or not you are going to be attending a physical school or you will be telecommuting, it’s important to keep the following objectives in mind:

  1.       Keep it a priority to have at least one part of your apartment clear and clean for schoolwork. This encourages concentration and discipline. If you start doing your schoolwork on your bed or your couch, your mind may go into relaxation mode, and you may not do as well as you normally would. So be sure to invest in a sturdy work area that you can keep clean and full of clutter.
  2.       In order to stay organized, invest in some school supplies. If you aren’t up to going shopping for school supplies in person, you can always go shopping online, like on Amazon. This is safer, anyway, in terms of not contracting COVID-19. It’s good to have school supplies ahead of time that you’re going to need throughout the year instead of buying them one buy one so you don’t have to stress out or spend extra money.
  3.       Finally, see if your Salt Lake City apartments have certain amenities on the properties that you can take advantage of if you’re going to be doing schoolwork there, such as a computer lab or a lounge. This can be very helpful in terms of compartmentalizing: keeping your personal life and your studies separate. Some people find it almost impossible to study in the same place where they live, anyway. Ask the staff if there are any amenities you can use to make the most of your studies.

We hope these tips were helpful to you in terms of making the most out of your studies for the upcoming school year. Be sure to use your Salt Lake City apartments in your favor, and you are bound to succeed!