Getting Ready For Summertime at Foothill Place Apartments

Signage that says Foothill Place Apartments

If you have been looking for a perfect home to settle in Salt Lake City, Foothill Place Apartments is your choice living space. It has spacious units, quality amenities, and appliances to ensure that you live in luxury and comfort. Learn how you can make the best of the summertime from one of the units.

Amenities That Help You Make the Most of the Season

Some of the shared amenities at the apartments include a rock climbing boulder where you can take part in rowing or TRX with friends. You can also cool down in any of the two resort-style pools or walk your pet in the dog park. Besides, each unit has central air conditioning to cool you, a private balcony where you can enjoy the sunshine, and high ceiling interiors for better air circulation.

Ways to Stay Cool inside Your Apartment.

Here are  easy ways to keep cool during the summer season.

• Use blinds to block the sun from your living room. This prevents raising temperatures in interior space.
• Put your bedsheets in a freezer a few hours before going to bed to cool down.
• Use a fan to circulate some cool air produced by the air conditioner. You can even buy a portable one to use in each room in your home.
• Open the windows at night to bring in cool air.

Must-See Things in Salt Lake City

When preparing for summer, consider the following areas in Salt Lake City.

• Visit the Great Salt Lake. See the marvelous solidification of minerals and the natural features of the lake.
• Visit Liberty Park for a fresh outdoor experience. In addition to animals, there are bike paths, playgrounds, picnic areas, and ball courts.
• Learn some history and religion by visiting the Salt Lake Temple

If looking for a safe, luxurious, and spacious living unit in Salt Lake City, visit Foothill Place Apartments. Use all the other tips for a comfortable stay during the summer season.

From Spring Cleaning to Green Cleaning at Foothill Place Apartments

scene depicting a clean kitchen cabinet, spray bottle, and fresh fruit

The weather is starting to warm up, the days are getting sunnier and the birds are singing! It’s finally spring … cleaning time!

While it may not be the activity you look forward to the most, taking a more eco-friendly approach and green cleaning your home might add to the positive effects cleaning may already have on your mental health.

The Mental Health Benefits of a Clean Home

Research shows that people who live in messy homes are more stressed than people who don’t. Clutter may also cause depression, confusion and tension. Fortunately, the opposite is also true. Cleaning your home causes feelings of empowerment and control, as well as an elevated mood, less anxiety and better concentration.

Those are pretty good reasons to change the way you think about spring cleaning your Foothill Place apartment. You may still prefer to go to Utah’s Hogle Zoo if given the choice but it’s good to know that cleaning is something that can turn your mood around.

Ways To Go Green With Your Cleaning Process

What can make you feel even better is taking care of the environment, which you can do by using cleaners with natural ingredients like lemon, vinegar, and baking soda, instead of the toxic chemicals that are common in most cleaning products.

There are some eco-friendly cleaners in-store you can get your hands on too if that’s what you prefer.

Local Stores for Cleaning Material

If you want to pick up some eco-friendly household cleaner to make your surfaces — and your smile — shine, you can get it at any of your local Home Depots.

The way you maintain the space you live in may have a significant effect on your happiness so try to keep your space uncluttered and take care of your mental health.

wooden blocks spelling out plan

Steps You Can Take to Guarantee a Great Year

The new year is the best time to begin making changes. By focusing on your personal life as well as homelife and choosing popular home decor trends, you will take your life in a positive direction.

Personal Goals to Set for the Year

Books are a wonderful way to cope and escape life’s stresses. You can set reading goals, whether it’s a book per month or more. The King’s English Bookshop is a local independent bookstore that has a huge selection of books.


Learning to cook is another great goal. Virtual cooking classes are trending. You can also have meal kits delivered. By having an array of cooking techniques and recipes to choose from, you can skip eating out and cook foods that can help you lose weight and feel better.

Apartment Goals

Set aside a room in your home where you can rest and relax. Furnish it with anything that will convey a feeling of peace. In addition, installing a home security system at Foothill Place Apartments will make your home feel like a safe space. Finally, you can buy multifunctional furniture, such as a long dining table that can be used as a workstation. Or, convert wall art into a table.

2021 Apartment Decor Trends

Decorative canvas art prints to hang up on your wall are in style. Popular images include flowers and animals, including birds. Copper and steel are home decor 2021 trends. Brass is another one, especially brass light fixtures, such as floor lamps. Tempered glass tabletops, designer table lamps in glass, and light fixtures with geometric shapes are some more trendy items.

Leave the past behind and embrace change! Take meaningful actions in order to see positive results in yourself and your home.