Hosting Your Friends this Summer and During a Heatwave


We all love the Summertime; however, major heat waves come with the sun. However, you and your friends can still hang out this summer in Salt Lake City, UT. If the outdoors are too extreme, you can take the party indoors to your Foothill Place Apartment.

How to Make the Most Indoors this Summer

The best way to avoid the summer heat is to stay indoors with your air conditioner turned down low. However, you and your friends can have fun outdoors or indoors the choice is yours. While indoors you and your friends can choose to entertain yourselves with many different options for indoor entertainment such as some indoor games like for example:-

  • card games chess
  • I Spy hangman
  • truth or dare

Hosting Friends and Family During the Heat Wave

Heat waves make it very uncomfortable and challenging to host a couple of friends and family, but you do not have to completely forget about the idea. It is completely attainable! The primary and only tip to remember is to keep cool. This means ensuring you maintain a cool temperature indoors, eat cool foods, and drink a lot of water. Here are some fun summer recipes you and your friends can try and keep cool such as summer ice lollies, a refreshing fruit salad, frozen food, a roasted chicken and pepper salad, and lemonade. As for the outdoor options, you and your friends could visit Liberty Park for family fun and self-pampering time.

Summer Fun in the Sun

Make the absolute most out of apartment living this summer. With all these renter-friendly hacks and apartment-friendly tips, you and your friends can have fun the legal way. So, don’t let this summer slip you by, have fun, indoors or out!