A Rainy Day in Your Salt Lake City Apartments

A rainy day in your Salt Lake City Apartments

A Rainy Day in Your Salt Lake City Apartments

We know that the winter season brings with it snow days and cold rainy days. We also know that it can put a dent on weekend plans! One of the best ways to combat the seasonal dreary weather is to embrace it! When it is gray and gloomy out, let us brighten your day! We have great suggestions to ensure a fun-filled day in your Salt Lake City apartments!

Things to Do in Your Apartment on a Rainy Day

It’s time to grab your favorite pair of cozy pajamas and make yourself a hot cup of cocoa. If you are looking for things to do in your apartment on a rainy day, get ready to transform a rainy day into a fun-filled afternoon! Round up your best pals and line up your favorite movies and board games.

Let the Board Games Begin!

A rainy day can be a nice change of pace. Instead of being tied up on our mobile devices all day, we can enjoy the company of friends. When it is overcast and drizzling out, it is time to put our phones away and round up the troops. A perfect way to spend quality time is over a nice friendly (and competitive) board game!

Some of the classics include Monopoly, Scrabble, and Trivial Pursuit. But the fun doesn’t end there. For more of an interactive vibe, Charades and Jenga are popular choices!

Bring out the Hot Cocoa!

When the winter blues hit your city, this is the perfect time to embrace spending quality time with our close friends. If we embrace the rainy days, we will gain a fun-filled afternoon. Throw on your favorite pair of cozy pajamas and get the hot cocoa ready. Gameday will be in full effect!

What are some of your favorite board games? Let us know in the comments!